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OFS Laboratories has a long track record of turning science into practical, real world solutions, many of which have become ubiquitous in the industry today.

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OFS Laboratories is where visionaries make voice, data and image transmission faster, clearer, more reliable and cost-effective. Through basic research in optical physics, materials processing and photonics, OFS Laboratories seeks to advance the applications of optical technologies in areas such as geophysics, industrial processes, aviation, and transportation technology.

Our mission is more than words-it's an ingrained culture for nurturing scientific concepts and molding them into commercial applications. With one of the brightest teams in the industry, OFS Laboratories is a world-class reservoir of knowledge in the physical sciences. Immersed in such disciplines as waveguide physics, periodic structures, photonics, materials and nonlinear fiber physics, our scientists create practical solutions for emerging all-optical networks.

OFS Laboratories has a long track record of moving scientific discoveries into commercially successful products. In fact, many OFS products have come up through OFS Laboratories. That is a tribute to the unique process we have developed for taking very advanced research concepts and transforming them into commercial products. A description of the process or "pipeline" an idea takes at OFS Laboratories is below

OFS Laboratories' Research-to-Product Pipeline

The ultimate goal of research is to expand scientific knowledge and apply resulting ideas in new products needed by real customers. It's no accident that OFS Laboratories has been extraordinarily successful in attaining that elusive goal. Here are the steps we rigorously follow to transform scientific research into commercial products.

Patent: OFS Laboratories aggressively patents newly discovered techniques, methods and designs.

Publish: Once an idea has entered the patenting process, publication becomes an important part of visibility for the technology. Papers authored by our scientists bring new ideas to the attention of companies that could benefit from commercial applications. (Papers authored since 2001 are accessible on this site at Knowledge Base).

Prototype: The ideas and breakthroughs of OFS Laboratories are channeled into development through our Research Prototype Development Group. This group takes fundamental research through all the steps needed to show a working model to prospective customers for basic evaluation. These steps can include fundamental fiber fabrication, theoretical modeling, initial evaluation, systems experiments, package fabrication and electronics.

Gating: If customers are excited about a prototype, OFS Laboratories takes the project through a "gate" process. We evaluate business risks, opportunities, costs and other factors to see if the research project has the business merits to become a viable product.

Development: When OFS Laboratories transfers a project out of research into development, there is an order of magnitude increase in the scale of the project. Development teams refine the packaging, test reliability, talk to prospective customers, build pre-production samples, and transfer the new product to manufacturing for production in volume.

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